Ilan Golan

I’m a full-stack designer. I work with startups, entrepreneurs & education institutes. I"ll help you build and run products people love. I always strive for simple aesthetic solution and usability.

“Good artists copy; great artists steal.” 
Pablo Picasso
Hello, world


Individual approach

Each project is born with its own heart and mind. Then it gets so obvious, that you don't even imagine your life without it.


The great achievement requires exceptional effort and ability. It stands  between client's wish to customer's desire.

Hard working

Yep, when things need to be done pixel-perfect, it's hard work. When they lay in their right place - it's magic!

What's important to me?

It takes many years of a hard work to be a good designer. But there is a transcendent effort to become a highly recruited designer.

The understanding of User-Centered Design and UX design principles taught along the way. Interference between disciplines, a creativity crossed with common sense, an attractive visual decision along with a great user experience become a top-notch product.

In order to get that stage, I chose these three items to become my professional rules:

1. Focus on improving the Visual Design Esthetics

Perfecting it to the point where esthetics is on a top-notch level. 

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2. Apply Critical Thinking to your designs.

Good, logical and rational assumptions to the decisions that you're making on each piece of work you do, in addition with common user-friendly web standards.

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3. It's a Practical Imagination.

Imagining possibilities and making them real.

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Selected Works

Shai Raphaeli

Concept Brides Website

Shai Raphaeli, a talented brides designer with her Concept Brides Collection. I had the opportunity to create an emotional flow through her work and graphical identity.

Eran Kurz

Narrator & Presentor Website

Eran Kurz, advertiser and television presenter, conference and events facilitator, a lecturer in communications. We needed to build him a new identity and to show his spread of activities.

Our Connection Network

Crowdfunding Site

Crowdfunding project for Content and Media Archive, Technology, and Dissemination of Kabbalah Wisdom around the world. It's a multilingual site. It receives the data from outsourcing billing system. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been raised since the site exists.


A new Anti-Lock Brake System Website

Social Network of The 3-rd Reich

Documentary Site